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Looking for ::Just the Facts:: on Medicaid?

AAICAMA has developed a new series— ::Just the Facts::
The first in this series is:
State Medicaid Obligations under Federal Law for Title IV-E Adoption Assistance

Below are a few of the 'facts':

  • Separate, Medicaid applications for title IV-E eligibles is precluded by federal law.
  • Redetermination of title IV-E adoption assistance is precluded by federal law.
  • Medicaid eligibility redetermination is not required for title IV-E eligibles.

Each point is referenced by the appropriate legal citation

To download the complete document click here.

Find the County

Need to know what county a family is in or moving to?
Use the search on the National Association of Counties website:

  • City/County Search
    1. Choose 'Search for county by name of city'
    2. Choose 'Search for county by zip code
Updated: November 8, 2017