2016 ICAMA California Liaisons Meeting

On March 24th AAICAMA convened its first meeting of California Liaisons.

Thursday Sessions:
Training :: ICAMA 700 Form and Database
Training on the use of the new ICAMA 7.00 series form was the focus of this session. The new simplified form enhances effective state administration of the ICAMA—eliminating administrative errors which delay Medicaid receipt and improving the timely receipt of benefits for eligible children. The new form will enable AAICAMA to collect national and state-specific data on the interstate movement of adoption and guardianship assistance recipients. In-depth training will be provided on accessing, completing and submitting these forms via AAICAMA’s website using HPAA compliant, redundant servers.
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Obtaining Mental Health Services for Adoption/Guardianship Assistance (GAP) Recipients Intra-state
In nearly all 58 California counties, children eligible for Adoption/GAP assistance have very limited access to mental health service options—in part, because the funding and the process for obtaining needed mental health service provision differ among counties. This session, Public Health staff will provided a brief overview of mental health services included in California’s Medicaid State Plan and discussed how mental health services are accessed at the county level. A lively discussion of the barriers/challenges affecting service provision as well as an exploration of ways to bridge the gap in accessing mental health services and promote child well-being followed.
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Friday Sessions:
Training :: Improving ICAMA Administration
The administration of the ICAMA remains paramount in the work of interstate professionals. In this session, participants received training on the Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA) and its legal implications for members and its administrative framework (forms/processes) to ensure the uninterrupted interstate provision of Medicaid to adoption assistance recipients. The interstate transfer of medical benefits under the federal Guardianship Assistance Program (GAP) will also be included. Finally, training will also cover the importance of interstate compacts, the protections ICAMA provides, and the legal responsibilities of state members.
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Medicaid Training :: Securing Medicaid for Title IV-E and non-IV-E Recipients
Training included an overview of the federal Medicaid (title XIX) program, its laws, and the practical application of these laws to title IV-E and non title IV-E adoption assistance recipients in in-state and interstate cases.
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