Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) is one of the mandatory services of the Medicaid program in all states.

EPSDT was developed to provide preventive services and treatment to children under the age of 21 enrolled in Medicaid. The components of EPSDT are:

  • Early: Assessing a child’s health early in life so that potential diseases and disabilities can be prevented or detected in the early stages, when they can be most effectively treated
  • Periodic: Assessing a child’s health at key points in her/his life to assure continued healthy development
  • Screening:Using tests and procedures to determine if children being examined have conditions requiring closer medical (including mental health) or dental attention
  • Diagnostic: Determining the nature and cause of conditions identified by screenings and those that require further attention
  • Treatment: Providing services needed to control, correct, or reduce physical and mental health problems