State Information

This section of the website identifies the states which have adopted the Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance and lists the contact persons in each state who provide Compact services.

The District of Columbia and all states, with the exception of Wyoming, are signatories to the ICAMA.
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Administration of the ICAMA is done by designated ICAMA Contacts.
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The COBRA-reciprocity chart indicates each state's policy with regard to children who are placed in or move their state who have a state-funded adoption assistance agreement with another state.
Note: Children eligible for state-funded adoption assistance are not guaranteed Medicaid eligibility if they are placed outside of or move from the state that signed their adoption assistance agreement.

State contact information can be updated by e-mail. Click here for the required update information.

Comparisons of state law and policy on aspects of the provision of title IV-E and state-funded adoption assistance, home studies and finalization are provided in this section.
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The administration of child welfare in each state is listed. Click here for this information.





Updated: April 2017